The FBC Paris
Image by  Elena Rossini

Image by Elena Rossini

Our Values

We read to exist, therefore we read to resist. 

Intersectional feminist literature has the power to help us make better informed choices, develop our critical thinking and resolve common misconceptions about feminism.

As diverse as society can be, “the norm” has become law: gender norms, beauty norms, sexuality norms, behavioural get the picture. 

It is these societal norms that actively ignore or try to silence women with powerful messages, progressive intentions and diverse backgrounds.

Literature is one way of understanding social constructs both past and present that put all women and minorities - to varying degrees - at a disadvantage. These structures also adhere to a binary model basis, which breeds conformity and excludes a portion of society. 

Our Purpose

We aim to highlight literary projects of diverse feminist voices that elevate the status of oppressed communities. 

We explore solutions that fight against the drawbacks of inequality, we recognize all identities, and encourage the total freedom to exercise free will over the body.

We shed a light on feminism that is representative and inclusive by reading, listening and discovering.


The FBC Paris started out with 6 members from different countries, cultures and backgrounds who met once a month, in a bar in the Marais, to discuss books by female authors that explored the many struggles of being a woman.

Our intimate gathering expanded in September 2018,  when we were invited to move our monthly sessions to Shakespeare and Company bookshop, offering an opportunity to further the feminist debate and build an engaged community.

About The FBC Paris Founders

Louise Binns is a British expat based in Paris since 2009. With several years experience in digital content creation she works as a freelance writer and digital strategist. When her head is not in a book, Lou likes drinking French wine and going to hot yoga. She lives in Montreuil with her French partner and their cat (Oscar).

Camille Lingre is a Parisian journalist whose heart belongs to literature. Writing for a living and reading for personal growth, Camille collects books and feeds her thoughts with word from classic poetry to essays. And because she believes that sharing is fundamental, friends and wine are always on the agenda.


"Paris is a huge city with so many things to do and see, and in the middle of all of it I was lucky enough to happen upon an amazing bookclub.
A place to learn, listen and share.
Where keeping your mind open to new ideas is the most important thing. Where our differences are not an obstacle, they're our strength. Thank you @thefbcparis ❤ "